Welcome by the Local Organizing Committee

The Organizing Committee of the Institute of Epidemiology of the Helmholtz Zentrum München welcomes you to the Early Career Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology. We have chosen our motto to be “Together for a Healthy Environment”. In a world that seems to be falling more and more apart, the “together” across borders and nations becomes ever more relevant as only if we work together we can contribute to a better and healthier environment for everyone.

Following the very successful conferences in Utrecht in 2015 and Barcelona in 2014 we would like to establish this conference among the next generation of environmental researchers. It is aimed at early career researchers, at the PhD, PostDoc and assistant professor level to promote scientific communication and discussion in environmental epidemiology, to foster collaborations, and to exchange experiences and new ideas in the field of environmental epidemiology.

We hope that you will enjoy our compilation of plenary sessions, invited keynotes, oral presentations, and poster sessions as well as our panel discussion on communicating science. So….let’s get started!!!

Alexandra Schneider, Regina Pickford and Kathrin Wolf

Welcome by the Chairs of the Scientific Committee

  • On behalf of the Scientific Committee, we are very pleased to welcome you all at the 3rd Early Career Researchers Conference of the International Society for Environmental Epidemiology (ISEE) in Freising (Germany).

    It has been a challenge, a real pleasure and an honor to shape an exceptional program for these days, during which researchers of all stages of their career from all over the world, including internationally renowned experts, will present their research and discuss results. We invite you to take the opportunity that is a relatively small conference to interact with your peers and increase your networks.

    We hope that the program will stimulate an enthusiastic and motivated discussion, as well as learning and exchange of experiences among researchers from different backgrounds.

    Bénédicte Jacquemin and Massimo Stafoggia

    Welcome by the ISEE President and ISEE Past President

  • This is the third  ISEE Early Career Researchers Conference on Environmental Epidemiology (also known as ISEE Young), following the ones in Barcelona and Utrecht, and it is great!
    This initiative by the SNRN of ISEE and ISEE-Europe is helping create a forum for the professionalization of early career researchers in environmental epidemiology and enhance participation of young researchers in ISEE. We need this. Participation to this conference is high and what is more important, the quality of the research work presented is excellent.
    Environmental health is a global issue. Actions on environmental health research, education and policy should, however, combine local with global. This is what we are doing in ISEE and these type of Conferences are key in promoting new knowledge and influencing policy on environmental health both in Europe and globally.
    We would like to thank Dr. Alexandra Schneider from the Helmholtz Zentrum in Munich for Chairing the Conference Committee, and  Drs. Bénédicte Jacquemin and Massimo Stafoggia the Conference Chairs. We also thank the local organizers, the Scientific Committee of the conference and all the SNRN and other ISEE members who participated in setting-up this conference. The program of the conference is fantastic and we are sure that young (and older) researchers will enjoy and profit from this meeting broadening our understanding of key issues in environmental health, meeting new colleagues and making new connections, and sharing share time with old friends.

    Manolis Kogevinas
    Past President ISEE
    Beate Ritz
    President ISEE

    Welcome by the ISEE Europe Chapter Chairs

  • With two excellent conferences in Barcelona and Utrecht under our belt, we are delighted to welcome everyone to the third ISEE Europe Young and Early Career Researchers Conference here in Freising! We have been most impressed by both the quantity and quality of the abstract submissions and research that you will all present. This will certainly make for another exciting and stimulating scientific exchange.

    We believe that holding this ISEE Young conference regularly ensures the continuation of the important process of getting together, exchanging innovative ideas, enhancing active participation in ISEE and, last but not least, meeting and staying in touch with old and new friends and colleagues from all over Europe. We hope that this conference offers a forum for you to continue on this road of collaboration and scientific excellence and thereby strengthen Environmental Health in Europe, which is as important as ever. We also hope that it will be a great educational experience for you and that you will take home many new ideas and plans for your future work.

    Finally, we hope this conference sparks your interest in the important activities of ISEE, and in particular our European Chapter. We strongly encourage you to become ISEE members and join our vibrant academic community, if you are not already a member. We also regularly welcome new volunteers to make a contribution to our committees working on environmental health research, policy, training and communication of environmental health issues across Europe. It is a great way to connect with colleagues in our scientific community, both young and young at heart, to work toward our common goal of promoting a healthy environment to sustain and improve public health in Europe.

    Mireille Toledano and Danielle Vienneau
    Chair and Vice-Chair of the ISEE Europe Chapter

    Welcome by the Mayor of Freising

    With the topic "Together for a healthy environment", we are looking forward to welcome a large number of young scientists in Freising who are involved in an environmental epidemiological conference on health and environment. Weather influences, radiation, air pollutants and other influences are quite problematic points that we have to deal with already now and increasingly in the future.

    I welcome our guests as Mayor of a young city and a science location, which is proud of its close cooperation with the university facilities of Weihenstephan and its life sciences as well as the Helmholtz Zentrum München. I invite you to take a closer look at the long history of our city, in which the university of the Prince Bishop was founded in 1697. I wish all the best for the forward-looking conference ahead of you and we wish all participants a pleasant stay in our city.

    Be curious about Freising - it's worth it!

    Tobias Eschenbacher